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About Patient Opinion

Patient Opinion is a not-for-profit social enterprise which enables patients and carers to share the story of their care, and perhaps help health services make changes.

Some of the Hetty's Stories:

Hettys has given me a lifeline

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Hettys personally for the service that has been provided to me.

Hettys was there for me at a dark stage in my life. I had reached an alltime low when i discovered Hettys and Carmel was assigned as my support worker. I have found Carmel to be very helpful. She has guided me through a difficult time in my life and has also given me several opportunities To help change both my personal life with my family and also me as a person and to date Hettys has also given me a lifeline out of my current "existence" Before Hettys I had only heard of holistic therapies and I have now undertaken many different holistic therapies including reiki, reflexology, hypnosis and crystal healing to name just a few.

Thanks to Hettys I have found these to be a new and exciting part of my life. I have met or spoken on the telephone to many members of staff at Hettys and I have found all of them to be very friendly and also very helpful. I would just like to thank all the members of staff at Hettys for the service that they have provided for me.I sincerely do hope that Hettys is around for many years to come and I wish you all the best for the future during these difficult and uncertain times in our country.

Without Hetty's our lives would have been very difficult

Hetty's is an association that helps kinship parents. Without the help of Hetty's we as a family honestly believe that our 2 young grandchildren would have been in care, but with their help and advice for us as a family they cared and looked after us. They had the time to listen and advise us on what to do and who to see, we still have weekly and monthly meetings. Not only have they helped us through a very very stressful time but helped and been there for both of the grandchildren, for which we are very grateful. We are sure without the help of Hetty's our lives would have been very difficult.

Hettys have provided a lifeline

Hetty's have supported my family with the issues we are facing with having a teenage son who takes drugs and drinks alcohol on a regular basis. They have provided a lifeline for me when i thought i could no longer cope. They are there on a freephone no to talk to, or face to face counselling. They don't judge you and offer you a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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